Partners find opportunities with Google Chromebook and Chromebox sales

A year after Google launched a reseller pilot program for its Chromebook line, channel companies say they are building business around these cloud-centric notebooks.

Google Chromebooks, which run Google's Chrome OS, hit the market in June 2011, with Samsung and Acer releasing the first entrants. Google kicked off its channel pilot in December of that year, and in the ensuing months resellers have gained ground with the devices. Acceptance among education customers, the K-12 segment in particular, has boosted sales. The arrival earlier this year of new, more capable models – Samsung's Chromebook Series 5 550, for example -- coupled with an updated Chrome OS have also sparked Chromebook purchases.

"We've seen a lot of growth in various sectors that have remote workers," added Aric Bandy, CEO of Agosto, a Google Apps and cloud services consulting firm. "We've sold a lot of units in oil and gas, especially in Canada."

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