Twin Cities Business Magazine: 7 Trends in IT Outsourcing

Which tasks are corporate IT departments hiring out and which are they keeping in-house?

Minneapolis managed services firm Agosto, Inc., serves mostly businesses in the 25- to 500-employee range. Its customers operate mostly in the retail, professional services, and manufacturing industries. And in those three verticals, CEO Aric Bandy says IT outsourcing is on the rise.

“The economy is starting to pick up, and businesses are starting to have more project work,” he says. “They’re starting to reinvest in their business, which always has an IT component in it. However, everybody’s a little bit afraid. I see a lot of optimism about where the economy is, but everybody is a little bit concerned that maybe there’s another dip around the corner. People have all of those needs, especially as they’re reinvesting in their growth, but they’re a little leery to bring [up] the headcount. So I see that as having a tremendous impact on the opportunity for outsourced IT services.”

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