Drastic growth minus drastic IT headaches.
Easy to manage. Easy to collaborate.

In the mining industry, companies need to communicate quickly and efficiently, providing updates to complex documents shared across teams, and enabling teams to share information to distant locations. And when these companies experience expansion due to mergers, IT is heavily tasked to handle the growth, bringing together multiple legacy systems from email, to storage, to document management. Working with Agosto, companies can leverage a common platform for acquired businesses, replacing costly on-premise software, servers, video conferencing, eDiscovery (e-discovery), and more with easy to manage Google for Work solutions.

Productivity makes perfect

With Agosto’s change management help, mining organizations’ IT teams are able to rapidly transition end users from multiple systems to Google Drive for Work. Google Drive for Work includes productivity tools for email and document management, video conferencing and unlimited file storage. Users can also upload files, folders, backups and more with a 5 TB single file size limit, for just $120 per user per year. Mining companies are using Google Drive for Work as a way to stabilize their infrastructure, save on costs, increase collaboration, and simplify storage across company divisions and work sites. 

Calendar collaboration

Merging calendars could be difficult, especially working between multiple systems and applications. Google Apps and Google Drive for Work allows you schedule your day with a fully sharable calendar, with event reminders on a phone or in your inbox. Groups can share calendars, where they can also attach files, docs, or a video conference reference to have the right materials when the next meeting begins.

Instant video conferencing and messaging

For large mining enterprises, it’s critical to be able to connect with remote teams and management in distant states, provinces, or other countries. With the easy, built-in video conferencing capabilities of Google Apps for Work and Google Drive for Work, a single click can start a chat or a video conference call with a co-worker across the globe - right from a laptop or smartphone. Multiple team members can join, share their screen and even edit documents in real-time during a call.  

Sites sharing

Google Sites, included with Google Apps and Google Drive for Work, enables your team to build collaborative intranets or portals that allow you to share on-demand information. Our mining clients have seen increased adoption of company policies and procedures when information is readily available in a shared folder, accessible from the ‘file cabinet’ feature of Sites. It’s also great for distributing HR and marketing materials. And if building a site isn’t your idea of fun, Agosto’s creative marketing and tech Sites team can help you get started with a site-build package that won’t break the bank.  

IT teams can finally relax

We enable the companies we work with so their IT teams can now add hundreds of new users easily to the system, getting them set up and ready to log into Google Apps in minutes rather than the days it previously took. With no server upgrades to schedule, no desktop software patches to install or versions to manage, IT teams are able to work faster, eliminating the conflicts and downtime they previously experienced. They are also saving significantly on both software and hardware costs.

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