Move from Novell GroupWise to G Suite

Novell GroupWise migrations require comprehensive planning and configuration. Detailed experience with the GroupWise post office and eDirectory are required to succeed with any migration. Agosto’s Google experts also know GroupWise, and will take care to consider all aspects of your legacy platform as they plan your migration and deployment.

The migration topics that we’ll discuss extensively with you during your Planning and Pilot phases include:

Mail Coexistence/Routing

When we migrate your company’s early adopters to G Suite, other members of your organization are still going to be on GroupWise until we complete the migration, leaving both platforms operational for some period of time. Managing coexistence and ensuring that everyone still communicates without difficulty is paramount during this phase. We will assist in the configuration of GWIA settings to accomplish dual delivery with Google Apps.

Data Migration

Our team will walk you through the options concerning the migration of mail, calendar and contact data. Depending on both your budget and how comprehensively your personal uses mail, calendar and contacts, this phase can be one of the most time consuming, but arguably the most important. Furthermore, for your custom needs during the data migration, we can write custom codes/scripts or enlist the use of a 3rd party tool.

eDirectory Synchronization

Directory sync ensures that users on both platforms can access each other’s contact information to easily communicate with co-workers. We can configure the Google Apps Directory Sync tool with your GroupWise eDirectory to support user accounts, groups, and shared contacts.


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