Move from Microsoft 365 to G Suite

More and more companies are working better today using cloud productivity tools. If you’re like many of our clients, you might have given Microsoft 365 a try, but find that your team likes working with Google tools. When you’re ready to explore migrating from Microsoft 365 to G Suite or G Suite Business, Agosto is here to help make things easier for you. We do these migration all the time, and are ready to assist in your cloud transition slam dunk.

Here are a few things we’ll discuss and when ready, apply our 3-phase process to your project:

Mail Coexistence/Routing

Agosto will help move your company’s early adopters to G Suite ahead of the rest of your organization. Therefore, some employees will be working inside Microsoft 365 until Agosto completes your migration, leaving both platforms operational for a period of time. Managing this complex coexistence and ensuring that everyone still communicates without difficulty is paramount during this phase. We’ll help you keep things running smoothly throughout the transition.

Data Migration

Depending on how comprehensively your team uses their mail, calendar, and contacts, this phase can be one of the most time-consuming, but arguably the most important. Our experts will walk you through the options concerning the migration of mail, calendar and contact data.  In addition to “live” mail, our team can also migrate archives.

Free/Busy Time

Availability of querying calendar Free/Busy time is needed to smooth your transition. Users on Microsoft 365 and users on Google Apps will still be able to see and overlay each other’s calendars.  And when we make the move to G Suite, users will see everything they do in Microsoft 365, from sub-calendars to group calendars to appointments, and more.

Directory Sync

Agosto will ensure that objects added in your existing directory such as users, groups, profiles, contacts and Organizational Units (OUs) are synchronized into Google. This also allows users on both platforms access to employee contact information.


Many organizations have options to send and receive data to mobile devices. We know that real-time collaboration is important and we strive to keep the same options available to you for your mobile devices.


When your data has been migrated, Agosto will deploy G Suite or G Suite Business for your team members, using a carefully considered change management plan. Our experienced change managers can deliver the knowledge to your employees to make their transition a smooth one, and enable them to start working smarter using G Suite.