Move from Microsoft Exchange to G Suite

Companies moving from Microsoft Exchange to G Suite are usually ready to leave behind a cumbersome, on-premise, legacy platform for an innovative, efficient, and intuitive solution. Our Google Certified Deployment specialists are are Microsoft experts, too, and know the various factors that need to be considered when coming from Exchange. 

Some of the topics we’ll cover during your planning and pilot phases include:

Mail Coexistence/Routing

When migrating your company’s early adopters to Google Apps, some of your organization will still be on Microsoft Exchange until we complete the migration, leaving both platforms operational for a period of time. Managing coexistence and ensuring that everyone still communicates without difficulty is paramount during this phase.

Data Migration

Depending on how comprehensively your team uses their mail, calendar, and contacts, this phase can be one of the most time-consuming, but arguably the most important. Our experts will walk you through the options concerning the migration of mail, calendar and contact data.  In addition to “live” mail, our team can also migrate archives both local and server-based.

Free/Busy Time

Availability of querying calendar Free/Busy time is needed to smooth your transition.  Users on Microsoft Exchange and users on G Suite will still be able to see and overlay each other’s calendars.

Directory Sync

Ensure that objects added in your on-premise directory such as users, groups, profiles, and Organizational Units (OUs) are synchronized into Google. This also allows users on both platforms access to employee contact information.


Many organizations need to have options to send and receive data via mobile devices. The real-time collaboration capabilities offered by G Suite are available for mobile devices. Agosto can help with the correct provisioning and setup of your accounts so that employees have a seamless mobile experience.

On-premise vs. Hosted Exchange vs. Office 365

Over time, Exchange has developed so that certain clients are using on-premise servers, while others work with hosted, or outsourced, Exchange servers or Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. In any case, Agosto will help you manage the transition and ease your migration. We offer extensive change management and training options, as well as additional services to ensure your team increases productivity using your new Google tools.


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