IoT Message Broker

We created an open source IoT message broker that enables businesses to implement rapid development of IoT applications using the widely-accepted MQTT protocol. 

Agosto’s IoT connection broker is a component of and gateway into Googles Pub/Sub service, as well as the company’s IoT (M2M) Accelerator, and can support any back-end service that an enterprise wants to run on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The project was informally announced by Preston Holmes at the recent Google NEXT Conference. Holmes is head of IoT solutions for GCP at Google.

“Our goal was to develop a high-performance IoT Message Broker for Google Cloud Platform with a first adaptor for the Google Cloud Pub/Sub service that is simple to configure and deploy. We kept a sharp focus on security, scalability and performance in order to meet the enterprise-grade requirements of our customers.”
— Paul Lundberg, Agosto CTO

“It’s challenging for companies to integrate the new business models that are part of an IoT transformation. We help enterprises navigate risk through a standardized process, by incubating each stage of the transformation.”
— Rick Erickson, Co-Founder and SVP of Business Development at Agosto

Forbes reports that Enterprise IoT spending is exceeding consumer spending in the near-term. We've seen this trend in many markets, such as Industrial Internet, Drones, Infrastructure Controls, and Telematics/Connected Vehicles.

Agosto works with Fortune 100 companies to build market-changing IoT applications in the retail, manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation verticals. One of only five Google for Work Premier Partners in North America, the company was named Google Enterprise Global Partner of the Year for Cloud Platform in 2014, and is currently the second largest Google Cloud Platform reseller in the world.

Agosto can help support your existing MQTT workloads. We have special programs to help you understand what it takes to leverage the awesome power and capabilities of GCP using your existing assets and back-office investments. Contact us to learn more. 


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