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In July, we announced that Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise, the automated self-service shared Chromebook program built at Google for Googlers, would be made available to everyone through our early access program and our open source loaner application. Today, we’re announcing partners across all major regions are now offering full service deployment of Grab and Go to customers. These partners include Agosto, Appirio, Dialog, Econocom, Fourcast, Onix and Netpremacy.

To help you get your Grab and Go program up and running, these partners can help you with:

  • Hardware setup and maintenance, including racks, devices, signage and stickers
  • Customization deployment, and maintenance of the loaner management app
  • Inventory management integration
  • Helpdesk support

“I’m excited by Grab and Go’s potential to solve important problems for our customers,” said Steve Holly, Product Manager, Chrome and Devices, Onix. “Our customer’s eagerness to implement their own version of Grab and Go highlights the fact that the current way businesses handle PC loans is in need of an upgrade. It’s an elegant solution that makes you realize how inefficient the old way of doing things really is.”

Grab and Go was originally developed inside Google as a loaner program to help employees borrow devices and quickly get up and running. Employees sign in to the loaner Chromebook and all of the company’s management policies are immediately applied upon startup. For employees,  all of their bookmarks, passwords, extensions, browsing histories, and personal settings are available on the new device thanks to Chrome Sync. When the employee is done, they sign-out, return the device and it’s ready for the next user—no reset or setup is needed because Chrome OS encrypts individual user profiles by default.

Mark Bowker, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group said, “The program provides a frictionless experience for employees to remain productive with instantaneous access to a Chromebook, while the IT organization maintains security policies and asset tracking without the overhead of typical helpdesk ticketing system.”

Early adopters of Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise include Klarna, News UK, QAD, Waymo and Whirlpool. Customers are addressing a wide variety of use cases, from replacing traditional loaner programs to seeding Chromebooks in the organization to giving shift workers an easy way to share devices.

“At News UK we are embarking on a major Enterprise Mobility Programme where we have a vision of Chromebooks bringing greater mobility to our workforce,” said Danny Wilkins, Head of Technology for News UK. “We have implemented Grab and Go at our Techbar so that all staff have the opportunity to try Chrome before it is rolled out. The service provides a feedback loop that gives the project team crucial insights into usage that will inform our rollout strategy.”

Waymo, the self-driving technology company, is using Grab and Go for its operations and driver teams.

“Loaner Chromebooks are used by our operations team to do everything from testing the Waymo software to teaching drivers how to operate the cars,” Kyle Sulli, Fleet Dispatcher, Waymo. “Managing our fleet of Chromebooks used to be a manual and arduous process. With Grab and Go, we’re able to  keep track of our devices much easier —we can see at a glance who’s borrowed a Chromebook, so we can reach out when they’re overdue for return.”

For more on how Waymo is using Grab and Go, read our blog post.

Learn more about how you can implement your own Grab and Go program either on your own or through partners at our website. We’ll also be sharing more about Chrome Enterprise and how Google implements Grab and Go internally at our virtual event, Cloud Worker Live.