Irfan Khan is the CTO of Minneapolis – based Agosto, a company he co-founded in 2001 with Rick Erickson.

What are you focused on right now? – As a Google Enterprise Premier partner, Agosto has incredible access to Google’s tools. Right now I’m focused on building a practice around Google’s Cloud Platform within Agosto. Google’s Cloud Platform allows users to build applications and websites, and to store and analyze data on Google’s Infrastructure.

Leveraging the enormous power of Google’s infrastructure is a real game changer for companies and it’s exciting to see how rapidly a change to Google Cloud Platform can positively impact performance. We can now build new products on the platform based on customer needs, or we can move an existing product to the cloud to take advantage of its scale and use-based billing. Often times when moving an existing product we can offer many new capabilities that are simply not feasible on premise based software.

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