Featured Security Partners:

Google’s multi-layered security strategy provides controls at many levels including data storage, access, and transfer. Google offers administrators data security under the SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 auditing industry standards in its products. At Agosto, we also consider the specific use cases of our employees and customers, and recommend these additional security products to ensure the safest cloud environment.


Admin Panel Management Tools

Okta is an enterprise grade identity management service, built from the ground up in the cloud and delivered with an unwavering focus on customer success. The Okta service provides directory services, single sign-on, strong authentication, provisioning, workflow, and built in reporting. Enterprises everywhere are using Okta to manage access across any application, person or device to increase security, make people more productive, and maintain compliance.

Why Okta?

  • Directory Services
  • Single Sign-On
  • Strong Authentication
  • Provisioning & Workflow
  • Flexible Policy Engine

Cloud Backup and Recovery Solutions

CloudLock’s cloud security solutions give organizations real-time insight and control over their data in their public cloud applications such as G Suite and Salesforce without any impact on the end-user experience. Our responsive, flexible, risk-appropriate approach to security enables you to confidently adopt public cloud solutions via a single, unified cloud data security dashboard. Enforce regulatory, operational, and security compliance to secure data in the cloud, increase collaboration, and reduce risk.

Why CloudLock?

  • Compliance & DLP
  • Discovery of PII, PCI & Secure Data
  • Classification & Remediation
  • Selective Encryption
  • Potential Data Theft Identification
virtru_darkblue (3).png

Client-Side Email Encryption

Virtru makes it easy to share client-side encrypted emails and files directly from Gmail and Google Drive with the flip of a switch. With Virtru, you manage your own encryption keys, and content is encrypted before it ever hits Google’s servers, making it the perfect tool to protect intellectual property, secure sensitive information, or comply with safe-harbor and other European data privacy regulations. Virtru also gives you control over your emails and files after you’ve shared them. Revoke, expire, or track forwarding on your data even after it’s left your device, no matter where it travels.

Why Virtru?

  • Client-side Gmail and Google Drive Encryption 
  • Message Revocation and Expiration
  • Customer-Managed Encryption Keys
  • Customizable DLP Rules
  • HIPAA and CJIS Compliant