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About AODocs

AODocs is the only document management platform built for Google Drive, letting companies build powerful, secure business applications without limiting collaboration or sacrificing user experience.

  • Workflow

  • Advanced Search

  • Document Validation

  • Records Management / Retention

  • Metadata / Tagging

  • Check-in / Check-out

  • Version control

Why AODocs

AODocs has disrupted the Document Management market with a more agile product, designed to work for the end user, unlike much traditional enterprise IT. Document Management has been around for a long time with a lot of big, established companies dominating the market that are slow to adapt to an evolving workforce. With the advent of millennials who expect work applications to be as user-friendly as their consumer applications and want the ability to buy a SaaS product with the swipe of a credit card, AODocs brings the same kind of user experience while also providing the security of an enterprise document management system.

The first version of AODocs was publicly released in November 2012. It quickly grew to hundreds of customers—ranging from Whirlpool to the New York Times. In 2015, AODocs became one of the first Recommended Applications for G Suite, and in 2016, Google joined the list of AODocs customers.

Today, AODocs is a patented technology with over 3.7 million users spanning across 6 continents. We have offices in San Francisco, Atlanta, Paris, London, and Milan.

AODocs & Agosto Partnership

We work with Agosto to maximize their customers’ investment in G Suite. Customers will immediately start to see efficiency gains and cost savings when implementing AODocs.

Essilor: See how AODocs & G Suite allowed them replace SharePoint, accelerate business processes and cut costs

Agosto Featured Partner: AODocs

Learn how Agosto and AODocs have partnered to bring your quality management system to the cloud, integrated with G Suite for maximum compliance and flexibility.

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