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About Lumapps

LumApps is the only corporate portal officially recommended by Google. It is the #1 social intranet solution for all G Suite customers, bringing together all corporate information, social feeds, workspaces, G Suite and business applications in one easy-to-use portal.

  • User Directory: a powerful organization chart to connect all employees

  • Mobile and Responsive: the same great intranet on any device (Android and iOS Apps)

  • Multilingual: content displayed in the connected user’s language

  • Personalized content: relevant and filtered information based on user profile 

  • Easy designer: design customization to fit with brand identity 

  • Communities: social workspaces for team collaboration Analytics: to analyse how people use your platform and adjust as needed

Why Lumapps

LumApps is the only intranet recommended by Google, for its seamless integration with G Suite. The platform is the only one to meet both company and employee needs, opening top-down and horizontal communications channels.

LumApps pushes profile-based content, providing users with the right information at the right time. Unlike a typical enterprise social network, LumApps is a true social intranet: a corporate portal with structured social and collaborative features.

Lumapps & Agosto Partnership

As a recommended ISV, LumApps builds partnerships with Google resellers. There are many benefits to implementing LumApps:

  1. Driving G Suite usage and boosting Drive adoption, leading to great returns on Google investments.
  2. Connecting and engaging all employees by providing individual digital IDs
  3. Increasing collaboration and facilitating internal communications through a social intranet

Agosto Featured Partner: Lumapps

Learn how LumApps, a holistic intranet platform for G Suite
consolidates all your corporate content and business tools in one place.


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