Based on the Linux kernel, Chrome is arguably the most secure OS and browser on the market today. Agosto offers a range of Chrome products. 

Chrome OS


The secure OS and browser that powers Google's Chrome devices. Let Agosto give you a tour of its capabilities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           



Chromebooks are secure, easily managed personal computers that make perfect corporate or educational tools. Agosto can help your team configure the management console standards and get you working faster with your new devices.

Chromebook Charging Carts

Lockable, powered, attractive Chromebook Charging Carts are available from Agosto, to allow schools or corporations to secure and power their Chrome devices. With room for more than 3 dozen devices, teachers or other admins can better keep track of devices. 

Chromebox for Meetings

A Chromebox for Meetings can turn any room into a command center with a camera, secure Chromebox for video conferences, and a microphone system for clear conversations. Let us know if you need a system for one or many conference rooms