Reduce cost by up to 25%

Minimize on going business technology costs with predictive maintenance

Failures and downtime happen every single day in manufacturing environments due to the lack of efficiency and quality production. The most successful manufacturing companies are implementing predictive maintenance using machine vision to ensure operations are running at optimal performance at all times.

Through machine learning and Industry 4.0, manufacturers can assess performance in real time and predict future problems – reducing scrap and avoiding major malfunctions. Agosto’s predictive maintenance methodology and data analysis has allowed partners to better manage core business components such as:

Operational Costs
Equipment Lifetime
Workplace Safety
Product or Quality Control
Staff Productivity
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“Agosto is helping Goodyear launch new products more quickly and below the cost of what our internal teams would require.”

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Forecast Future Performance & Predict Future Outcomes

Applying Predictive Maintenance is easier than you might think. Start reducing maintenance cost by 25% & take advantage of all the benefits of predictive maintenance for your plant.

Schedule 30 minutes with an Executive Engineer & Data Science Expert to discover how our predictive maintenance process can add value to your manufacturing plant.

What you’ll discover:

  • Assessment on your current manufacturing production & operations
  • Recommendations on how to track, optimize and maintain factory uptime, maintenance, quality control, staff productivity, and more.
  • Our cost-effective methodology to predicting maintenance or failure on a machine and how it fits with your manufacturing plant and operations needs

Predictive Maintenance
Examples in the Real-World

It seems that machine downtime is just as certain in manufacturing as death and taxes are in life. That downtime costs you, sometimes greatly. It appears to be completely unpredictable, possessing the power to hit your company with a devastating blow.


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