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Mobile productivity saves time

Agosto helps retailers apply the most efficient technology solutions to streamline and improve their systems. With a little help, there's now no need to to confirm a specific version of a planogram - Google Drive enables store managers to view the shared, real-time updates to documents from their desk or any mobile device. You can also track supply orders and gauge inventory levels from a tablet or mobile phone, or save time by collaborating with regional managers within a spreadsheet in real-time.

Solve store-level problems faster with Google Hangouts, too. A corporate HQ can host a weekly video conference for 'face-to-face' video meeting with a group of leaders, or bring a single store manager into a video conference to resolve an issue quickly, even if they are on the road using a mobile device.

Collaborate and coordinate between stores

Google Apps enables retailers with franchisees to communicate and coordinate operations. Work with team members from anywhere in real-time. Google Apps makes it easy to send updated safety standards to every store, track sales numbers, and release promotions and product guides.

For important company updates, it can take hours to reach out to every employee through emails, phone calls, faxes, etc… Google Docs and Sites provide a central location for all of your employees - not all of whom may have email - so it takes minutes to get the message out instead of hours.

Shared Calendars provide easy scheduling of weekly calls, new releases, and promotions, so everyone’s in the know and on time.


Training, interviewing, and hiring is much easier when it can be supplemented with mobile video chats. Google Drive lets retailers share training documents and marketing plans in one place, so employees don’t have to search through dozens of emails to find the latest version of the document they need.

Agosto can help you get started in using email groups, as well as Google Site and Google+, to encourage discussions between corporate and each of a retailers remote store locations and managers, and create a forum for sharing best practices, troubleshooting, and brainstorming.

Sites deliver franchises what they need, now

Included with Google Apps and Google Drive for Work, Sites enables organizations to create a secure, easily accessible intranet or portal for its franchises or other employees. It incorporates built-in storage so those with permission can create shared department 'file cabinets'. HR can share the information employees need, and marketing can share logos, promotions, and other updates. And if building a new site isn't your thing, Agosto can help get things rolling quickly, with your brand and colors and specific information. And we promise, it'll be easy to maintain right from Google Apps!

Geolocate assets

Increase customer engagement by placing a store locator on your site, making it easier for your customers to find you. Google Maps is the perfect business solution for retail companies.

Agosto’s experts can also help you integrate geolocation into your applications so you can see where your customers are, to make more informed decisions on product launches, opening new stores, and to better track how external factors influence buying patterns.

Chromebooks provide secure access

For restaurants and other organizations with many locations and a high-turnover workforce, Chromebooks provide simple, secure access for one or many employees. Chromebooks are Google's easy-to-use laptop computers, that boot up in an instant (about 6 seconds), are a leading low-cost solution (they're the most popular low-cost laptop now in schools, and are rapidly climbing in corporate use). Chromebooks are secure because they're based on the most secure (Chrome) OS and browser, and a user can easily login, check email or update documents, and logout again. Not everyone needs their own laptop, but for stores looking to provide a single, secure access point - even in the form of a kiosk - then Chromebooks are the way to go.

Freedom from IT hassles

Free your IT teams from tedious support calls. Reduce costs and increase focus on boosting the services that can increase customer loyalty. Companies without dedicated IT departments benefit from the administration simplicity of Google Apps.

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Dunn Bros Coffee

Growing U.S. coffee enterprise sets quality and freshness standards, with Google and Agosto helping to encourage collaborative communication between franchises.


A beloved multi-national, family-owned restaurant chain leverages Google Apps from Agosto to help its employees connect easier, and to provide exceptional customer service.