Get the most from Google Sites, which is included in G Suite, with a little extra help from Agosto to build your perfect company intranet, collaborative company site, or helpful portal for a price that won’t break the bank.


# Custom Pages

We will develop custom pages that meet your specific needs.


We will incorporate your corporate colors and logo into the theme of your site.

Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment: As a part of the planning process for your project, our Google Sites expert will conduct a 30 minute session to determine needs and address gaps between current conditions and desired end goals.

Intranet Template

Our intranet template, which Agosto has enhanced over time, is a great starting place for many intranet projects that we can leverage to help you get going quickly.

Webpage Content Implementation

Agosto will incorporate your content onto the required pages. Content can be text-based or we can duplicate it from your existing intranet or Sharepoint® installation.

Google Sites Setup:

A certified Google Apps Deployment Specialist will get your Google Sites configured, including domain verification, account configuration and provisioning users and groups as needed.


After completion of your project, our Sites expert will spend time with you to show you how to create your own pages and maintain your project going forward.

Google Analytics

Ever wonder how many people are using your site or even specific pages? Google Analytics can help, and we’ll set it up for you.


Ready to Go Google?