Digital Signage for the Enterprise

Skykit is a cloud-based digital signage platform that easily distributes your content to any screen, anywhere in the world. Using our powerful content management system built on Google, end users have the ability to control, collaborate, and quickly send content to any number of displays. Regardless of location. 



Creating content

Instead of making a platform you need to create your content on, we ingest the content you already have, and integrate it with Google Slides. So you can continue working the way you’re comfortable. Skykit takes any type of word document, PDF, URL, and more, and integrates it with our content management system.


Managing your content

Skykit makes it easy to organize your content and present it. You can choose a few different views to display on your screens: one, two, three, or four sections of content at a time. You can control the timing for how long each section of the screen displays before transitioning, giving you the seamless transitions you’d like.


Distributing to any screen

You can control content updates in real-time with your mobile device. If you’d like to show something like a video, product comparison, or hardware specifications, you can easily present that content to any screen.


Support, implementation, and consulting

Agosto helps you get Skykit up and running. We make sure Skykit fits your needs, and that the rollout happens seamlessly. We know each company uses solutions very differently, so we bring technical experience to the table, offering personalized support so you’re covered on an ongoing basis.


Who uses Skykit

  • Retailers for promotions and brand reinforcement
  • Internal ad networks
  • Safety officers for compliance and regulatory information
  • HR and internal communications for employee communications
  • Educators for upcoming events and announcements
  • Manufacturing companies for the latest training information

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