When Agosto’s own Certified Google Apps Deployment Specialist and Sales Engineer, Sameer Sitaram, was traveling recently for business, he had no idea he’d find himself in the midst of a major airline baggage handling theft drama.

Sameer was one of the Agosto team members who had traveled to Calgary for a Going Google Roadshow event, which Agosto was co-hosting with Google. Sameer had delivered a demo about Agosto’s custom application development capabilities, and decided to check his laptop before he boarded his flight for San Francisco. When he arrived home, he worked from his Google Apps account from another computer. Days later, when Sameer needed his laptop for an offsite meeting, he opened his bag and realized it wasn’t there.

Using the Find My iPhone app (which apparently works from any version of the iPhone, as long as it has the 6.0 update), Sameer was able to not only track his laptop to a house in Calgary, but eventually to recover it. First, however, he had to get the police interested in confronting the person who lived in the house. There was some initial reluctance on the part of law enforcement, so Sameer contacted a local news station that found the story intruiging. This eventually led to increased police interest and involvement.

Read more and watch the video of the news coverage of what happened here. We’re guessing this might be the tip of the iceberg for the airline and employee involved, but are glad that Sameer has his laptop back and that the iPhone app saved the day! Agosto is a Google Apps solutions provider that develops custom applications and workflows that enable companies to move from legacy systems to better solutions in the cloud.