Let’s start off with a bang: it’s pretty normal for a company to dish out from $18,000 – $30,000 per gigabyte of data for eDiscovery once they know they have a legal problem. How is that possible, and how can this be avoided? Keep reading to learn about how Google Drive for Work can alleviate some of the process. 

If a company does not have information governance, paying the bill for a lawyer or outside counsel to search, process, document, and produce data can cost you a small fortune.

What is eDiscovery?

eDiscovery (some people call it e-Discovery or ediscovery) is the process of searching for electronic data within your company. Companies most often need an eDiscovery solution because of:

  • Lawsuits
  • Industry-specific compliance to regulations
  • Data breaches
  • Employee leaving

One of the most common applications for eDiscovery is court-ordered data collection for a lawsuit. Businesses are required to be able to provide applicable documentation. Those that don’t have an easy way to search through every email, document, IM, spreadsheet, presentation, and file for every end-user in their company, may have to dish out millions of dollars to pay outside counsel to comb through documents scattered across their network.

A searchable archive

Having information governance as a policy, system, or software is needed for security, risk, operational, legal, and/or regulatory requirements. The essential thing for any organization is to have a searchable archive, simple and intuitive enough that an approved administrator inside the company can replace the $30K price tag with a few keystrokes.

Many industries are heavily regulated, especially healthcare and finance, so their eDiscovery solutions need to be compliant.

Enter Google Drive for Work

You know how easy it is to find that one restaurant you went to three months ago. You remember the location, but not the name. Are they open now? Was it Korean or Mediterranean? Thanks to Google, it’s easy to find out.

Finding Tom’s spreadsheet he shared with Jennifer five years ago should be just as easy, and again – thanks to Google, it can be. Google Drive for Work allows you to quickly search and govern all the data in your company. You can set your own archiving rules in compliance with virtually any industry standard regulations. It’s also so secure that many hospitals are switching to Google Drive for Work, too.

When an employee leaves

Do you know where your company’s sensitive data is when an employee leaves? The most important information is stored in emails, documents, and on mobile devices. When an employee leaves, do you know what steps to take to protect that confidential information from leaking or getting lost? 

Your company could be at risk if an employee deletes their email, chat history, documents, or shares them externally. Information governance controls and regulates that risk. You can set up the rules that fit with your company so you don’t find out too late that someone accidentally (or purposefully) shared sensitive company information externally.

To learn more about how you can protect your company data with Google Drive for Work, contact us.

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