There’s a new Google Apps sign in page for customers using Google Apps for Business, Education, and Government. Google announced the change in November, and Agosto has been sending notices to our Google Apps clients.

Google is rolling out changes over the next four weeks, starting today. Changes include that the sign-in page for Google Apps has been updated for consistency across all Google Apps services. Essentially, the sign-in page for Gmail is going to be the same as the sign-in page for Google Drive, Google Calendar, and all Google Apps services. This will make it easier for users to switch between accounts and improve security.

It also means, unfortunately, that it is no longer possible to personalize the Google Apps sign-in page with custom logos and colors. We understand that this is going to be painful to a few of our client teams, and we are here to support you through the transition. End users will also now need to log in with full email addresses, like, which is also going to be a change for some teams.

For our clients with SSO domains with a network mask, your users will be presented with the new Google sign-in page when they log in from outside the SSO network mask. This change does not affect SSO domains without a network mask.

Agosto clients are invited to contact us for assistance. For more information, please visit Google’s support page for the official notice.