Be a G Suite Team and Work Together With G Suite Apps

Contrary to what we once believed, out-of-office remote work doesn’t have to result in the loss of productivity. Google, via G Suite, can help businesses achieve great productivity. G Suite apps such as Drive, Meet, and Docs allow you to work together, even when you’re not in the same room. At Agosto, we know simple collaboration can make or break our daily work. That’s why we use G Suite to empower our teams to work together.

Improve Team Collaboration Using G Suite Drive & Docs

Our teams do a ton of our daily work inside Google Drive. Why? It’s the easiest tool for streamlining team collaboration from anywhere. In our time using Google Drive, we’ve found a few tips and tricks that help us get things done even faster.

Assigning Comments

G Suite makes it  easy to assign comments and tasks to other users and team members inside documents, spreadsheets, and more. Our company uses this function to help alert teams and team members when something requires their attention. When you assign a comment to someone else, they’ll instantly receive an email so they can review and take the action required.

Live Chat

When working inside a file in Drive, you can also chat with others using the file. This G Suite feature makes user collaboration on one document extremely simple. You’ll find the chat function in the top right corner of your Google document. With Google live chat, you can ask questions, get clarification, share an encouraging emoji and more.

Follow-Up Search

Google Drive’s filtering features make it simple to find any document or file regardless of its location. Teams can also locate tasks assigned to them by selecting the “Follow-Up” filter in the search box inside Drive. This G Suite feature is helpful when working with a vast number of documents or files that require attention.

These tips are only scratching the surface of G Suite’s capabilities. G Suite includes many additional cloud-based tools such as Gmail, Slides, Forms, Jamboard and more, complete with the security you can trust. G Suite is indeed what’s right for you.

Start Working Smarter, Faster & Together With G Suite Apps

Help your teams can work smarter, faster, and together using G Suite. Agosto, a Pythian Company can help you get started. To learn more about G Suite or to learn how you can get G Suite Essentials for free, give us a call at 612-430-6316 or send us a message.

CloudUp | G Suite Productivity & Collaboration Series Pt. 4

How do G-Suite’s Enterprise Collaboration & Productivity Apps help your team make it together?

In the final part of our G Suite Enterprise discussion, we talk about how teams can work better together while collaborating in Google Drive and how to assign task items to teammates so that they quickly get notified on the latest action items.

Meet the Speakers

Nick Bathke

Change Manager PROSCI Certified

Mark Erlandson

Senior Director of Collaboration Services


– All right well right when you said make it together, I thought of a couple things in Drive, I mean I learned from you that we do every day that I think a lot of folks might not be aware of.

– Today’s episode is we are going to talk about G-Suite’s enterprise collaboration and productivity apps to make our teams work together.

– [Mark] Hey, Nick.

– Hey, Mark.

– Hi, you know I haven’t worked with you in person for like a month and a half.

– It’s actually 8 weeks, believe it or not.

– 8 weeks, okay.

– 8 long weeks, yeah.

– But I really don’t feel like we’ve skipped a beat as far as our productivity goes, because we’re just working in Drive all the time.

– Yeah, even when we’re not in the same room we can still work together. I like that, okay, cool. Did you have some specific ideas or should I just come up with the ideas as usual?

– I think you should –

– You should do all the work, and I’m just going to make fun of you as you do it.

– Okay, well, I like that, that could work. All right well, I mean right when you said, “Make it together,” I thought of a couple things in Drive that I learned from you that we do every day that I think a lot of folks might not be aware of. So, I can share my screen and I’ll dive into it, and then you can correct me if I’m wrong.

– I would never do that. You would never be wrong.

– Oh, well, that sounds more correct.

– All right, so, can you see my screen?

– I can.

– Okay, cool, so in Drive, I mean we’re in Drive all day, right, we do everything in Drive, we have nothing on our computers, if I lost my computer I’d be devastated ’cause I love it, but I could start using a different computer tomorrow. So, you know, everything lives in Drive so we know when we’re taking notes for instance, right? We’re just in a Drive file. So if I make a new doc, and I get it going here. I always name ’em, right, that was like step number one that you taught me. We’ll call it “Mark’s Notes”.

– Well did you know, Nick, if you didn’t name it it would name itself with the first line in the document.

– I know, and that can be confusing if you have thousands of documents that just take the first sentence as the name of the document, so that’s why –

– What I like to do is I like to put the first line of every document and say “Untitled”.

– It really helps me to organize.

– That would be really confusing. All right, all right, so you don’t actually do that everyone watching this you should definitely name your documents, and I’ll just share it with you, too. And then if you haven’t seen this yet, this is the new sharing screen. I don’t know, Mark, have you seen this, since you’ve been prompting me?

– Yeah, it is brand new.

– Super cool, I definitely always add a note, just even FYI. So I’ll share this out with you, and then we can kind of talk about how we work together within this document, right. So, if I start typing, start adding my notes, really selling people that I’m a good typer. These are more notes, okay, so I can highlight something, and everyone knows you can add comments, right, but what a lot of folks don’t know is that I can at you or plus you in so I always do this, right, so I say Add Mark Please correct, Nick, But you’ll get an e-mail, I’ll even assign it to you, now it’ll be kind of like a task that you’ll need to complete, you’ll get an e-mail letting you know, you’re already in the document but it’ll give you a link right to that spot and then you can accomplish that task and feel better about the rest of your day.

– So the difference is, it’s basically, you’re making a comment on something, but you’re plus-ing or you’re using the at symbol and then that’s associating with a certain person.

– Exactly, because there are only two people in this one but a lot of our documents, you know this, have twenty, thirty people in them or at least our whole team, so, eight people could be in there at once and so if I just make a comment and say “Please correct”, well, what if Ryan gets in there and corrects it, that’s not who I wanted to actually make that correction.

– Gotcha, and another nice thing about plus-ing or at-symboling, what, is there an action, is there a verb, at-ing?

– At-ing, yeah.

– At-ing, okay.

– You gotta be careful, it’s not “adding”, it’s “at-ing”.

– At-ing, okay, so if you at somebody in, it also sends an e-mail with that comment in there, so even if you’re not working in that document, they’ll get an e-mail saying “Hey, somebody commented you in”, they “at-ed” you in, and needs your input on this thing.

– Exactly, yeah, so I love it, and then when you’re in here, the other thing that I like to talk about in Drive, I think is kind of working together, we can just chat with each other live, so I can see that you’re in here, I can start chatting you, like, “Hey, did you see my comment?” And then you could respond live chatting within the document, so we don’t even need to leave the tool. We love Google Chat but we don’t need to leave our actual doc to work together really well. I mean, there’s a million things you could talk about but those things just make it seamless, right, like you said, eight weeks we haven’t been in the same office together, we haven’t missed a beat.

– So that’s cool, you’re always teaching me stuff.

– Yeah!

– Can I show you something?

– I would absolutely love that.

– So it’s great that you plus-ed me in or at-ed me in, but I get plus-ed in to a lot of comments and a lot of documents all over the place and I just lose track of all of these documents that I have that I have to respond to, did you know, if you go in to Drive, and then when you’re in Drive, click the little dropdown box in the search field, there’s this follow-up area, you click follow-up area and do any and just click search, I didn’t give it any criteria, this is searching across all of the documents that I have been plus-ed in to and you can see this one has one

– Look at that.

– Each of them have one thing, if I had two actions in a document, so Nick, maybe you just want to add plus or at me in, do another comment and see if it changes here.

– Put me on the spot here, but yeah, I can do that. Boom, another one coming your way.

– Okay, so now I’m plus-ed in to two things.

– There it is!

– There we go, so refresh. So you can see here, this here’s one action that I need to take, one action, this one actually has two actions, if I click on that little bubble, it’ll say two actions, click that, it opens up the document, it brings you right to that comment that I need to respond to.

– Love it, that is cool, I didn’t know about that. I always thought those, you had the e-mail and that was it. I got the e-mail, I’ll click on it, I’ll finish it now hopefully ’cause it won’t be anywhere else later.

– There are smarter, faster, and together ways to fix things.

– All three.

– Yeah, the trifecta.

– Well thanks everybody for sticking with us through the banter, I wonder how people are using G-Suite themselves?

– Let us know how you’re using G-Suite.

Giving Back: The Sanneh Foundation Learns Google Apps

Agosto had the opportunity recently to give back to the community through The Sanneh Foundation, a nonprofit that helps youth development and gender equity locally in St. Paul, and in Haiti.

The Foundation sends mentors to schools to meet with the students who are least likely to graduate. They tutor and mentor these kids to improve their grades and help them graduate. The program is growing, but they’re adding more schools in their program every year and seeing a huge improvement in their grades.

“There’s no way we could be that productive without a solution like Google Apps.”

And in Haiti, they have an after school program. The Sanneh Foundation helps develop the kids into leaders by teaching the importance of respect and equality. The kids have to meet minimum grade requirements in order to go to the program, which offers incentive for the kids to stay in school and study hard. About 300 kids come every day for soccer coaching. Soccer is used as a “carrot” to get them there, and then the coaches teach them skills that they will then take off the field and have for life.

The Sanneh Foundation was founded by Tony Sanneh from St. Paul. Coming from a single parent home, life was tough growing up. After years of dedicating himself to school and to his passion, soccer, the Minnesota Thunder signed him. Tony moved to Europe and played for club leagues. Going on to a very successful professional soccer career, he retired in 2011. Throughout his career, he had a desire to help kids from the inner city. That’s how the The Sanneh Foundation was born.

We were so excited to be able to help support the incredible mission of The Sanneh Foundation  locally and internationally. They had been on Google Apps for a couple of years, but had never gone through training. Many of their employees are millennials, and Gmail is what they use for their personal accounts. Most of the employees (locally, and in Haiti) knew how to use Google Apps in some capacity, but there had never been any written documentation to get everyone in the organization on the same page. As a result, many of the more complicated features were not used to their full potential.

We sent in our training expert, Mary, and our technical expert, Shane, to train The Sanneh Foundation to help them learn the full breadth of Google Apps so they can collaborate easier and faster.

The Foundation uses Gmail and Drive the most. They use it to collaborate with remote workers, even in Haiti. Google Apps enables them to help the community and continue to develop inner city kids.

“Mary and Shane were great. Mary was very in-depth. She kept it relevant for what we needed, and walked us through practical examples of the basic features with things we’ve never used before like Sites. We used the admin console very minimally, just to add users and make user groups. But Shane dove deeper into features like provisioning apps, which helped us grasp the product more holistically.”

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