Google has just announced in a blog post that Google Enterprise will now be known as Google for Work. As a Google for Work Partner (yes, it’s new for us, too) – Agosto is pretty excited about the focus indicated by this change.

As Google described in their blog, ten years ago the company started bringing their consumer technology and its features, controls and services to the business world of work. First there was search, and if you haven’t evaluated a Google Search Appliance for your company, you really should look into how much more efficient your teams can be when they can quickly find what they need. Google then moved on to Gmail and productivity tools for businesses. Ultimately they progressed to offer the power of Google’s massive, specialized infrastructure that enables developers at partner companies like Agosto to provide Google Maps and to quickly build industry changing products using Google Cloud Platform tools. Agosto also helps our clients to obtain and efficiently administer Google’s reliable and cost-effective Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, which the blog describes as part of Google’s improved communication and collaboration device initiative led by Chrome and Android.

Today, both Agosto and Google continue to invest in supporting our customers and partners, paying special attention to security, compliance and customer care. We at Agosto are excited about what the future holds, as Google sharpens its focus on work, further enabling reseller partners like us to provide the best cloud products and solutions to fit the expanding business and technology needs of our clients.