Google recently announced a move to offer Google Apps for Work for free to companies currently in a competitor’s enterprise agreement. The promotion is a step to give power into the user’s hands to compare which tool works best for them.

Google estimates that companies will save up to 70% what they’re currently paying by switching to Google for Work.

In Google’s recent company blog post, they said:

We’re so confident that Docs has all the features you need, without the ones you don’t, that we’re making it even easier to give it a try. If you’re worried about switching to Docs because you still have an enterprise agreement (EA) with another provider, we’ll cover the fees of Google Apps until your contract runs out. We’ll even chip in on some of the deployment costs and set you up for success with one of our Google for Work Partners.

As a premier Google for Work Partner, we’re excited about this move on Google’s part. If you’re interested in trying Google for Work and saving up to 70%, then contact us here.