Don’t have a clear cloud strategy, but recognize that you need one?  Do you have the fear of missing out and being left behind? If yes, you’re going to want to watch the recap of our latest webinar.

If you’re anything like most modern IT departments, the value of public cloud integration is no longer up for debate. It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”.

Unfortunately, the “when” is often gated by logistical realities and not necessarily aligned with business need.  In particular, when trying to “lift and shift” their existing applications to cloud, enterprises typically face 3 major challenges:

  • Large data sets require POSIX-compliant file systems
  • Hybrid workflows need data mobility between on-premises environments and cloud
  • Traditionally, running file systems in the cloud has been expensive

Elastifile, in partnership with Agosto, is eliminating these roadblocks to true hybrid IT by helping enterprises seamlessly shift and burst existing enterprise applications to Google Cloud Platform…plus it’s cost-effective, delivers the performance and scalability that enterprise workloads require, and eliminates the need for application refactoring.

Getting to the cloud has never been this easy.  Check out the replay of our recent webinar featuring how Agosto and Elastifile work together below to learn more!