Agosto was a proud technology sponsor of this year’s Lifetime Fitness Lutsen 99er bike race, providing a cloud-based video delivery system for participants.

Taking place in Duluth, Minnesota, the Lutsen 99er course winds through nearly 100 miles (a 39 mile option also offered) of beautiful forests along Minnesota’s North Shore. Beginning at the Lutsen Ski Resort overlooking Lake Superior, the race consists of road and trail that the organizers say has as much moose traffic as people traffic at any given time.

Agosto’s development team devised the race day video system, rendering videos via IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) in the cloud, automatically scaling on demand as resources are needed. Participants were invited after the race to view themselves at various points along the race route. Using Google’s Cloud Platform, the Agosto team creates custom applications to help businesses improve efficiency and reduce costs.

In addition to the technology challenges of the day, Agosto CTO Irfan Khan, faced extreme weather challenges. Duluth and the surrounding area experienced the worst flooding in decades just prior to the race. Local roads and resources were severely damaged across the region, but businesses remained open and tourism was encouraged as immediate volunteer and official repair efforts got underway.

“This year’s Lutsen 99er was a fun but tough race, made more difficult because of the wet ground,” said Irfan. “Agosto is proud to be a race sponsor, with our developers bringing the race day videos to the cloud and to race participants. We’re also proud of the people of Duluth, who have been pushing through the damage to the area’s infrastructure, and we wish them the best.”

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