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Agosto helps deliver a product framework to help companies move existing products to the cloud - you can learn more about this in our cloud products section. We also help companies to introduce true workplace collaboration using Google Apps for Work and Google Drive for Work. And when tech companies expand their employee base via merger or acquisition, Agosto can quickly help get the entire group working together using Google tools.


Google Apps for Work allows organizations to enable their employees to communicate via any device, at any time, from anywhere. Many tech companies have mobile employees, global offices, and work with clients abroad. Using Google Apps and Google Drive for Work, it’s easier than ever to edit a spreadsheet at the same time as a client in Hong Kong, each party viewing the sheet in their respective language. Collaboration and real-time communication is the core of Google Apps and Google Drive for Work.

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Google productivity tools offer a simplified yet scalable infrastructure on a variable cost model. It’s often a struggle to balance IT support time to manage on-premise servers and the cost of upgrades. Many companies also experience periodic email server downtime, leaving remote employees without a way to work or communicate until the issue is patched. Google Apps and Google Drive for Work guarantee a 99.9% uptime. And there are no more email quotas with 30GB per user (with Google Apps for Work) and a whopping unlimited amount of storage (as well as eDiscovery, auditing capabilities and more with Google Drive for Work).

Other cloud systems often still require attached software and hardware. Google Apps and Google Drive for Work are available with a straightforward license per person and easy to execute contracts, with no hidden strings attached.

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