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Since you're here, if you'd like to learn more about what we do, the following topics may be of interest:

Your Products,     Scaled in the Cloud

Big data? Agosto can help you analyze it by building the product that ingest data and report on results. Big business challenges? Agosto can develop products to help you solve them. Big costs? Our products are affordable and we help you bring cloud versions of your products to market, fast. We'll help you explore the possible solutions that leverage the scalable, elastic, secure Google Cloud Platform tools.                                                                                                               

Google Drive for Work: eDiscovery + Productivity

As a Google Premier Partner, Agosto helps our clients to evaluate the eDiscovery-powered, collaborative productivity tools included in Google Drive for Work. In turn, our customers are able to communicate more securely and more efficiently, and often operate at a significantly lower cost, with less strain on strategic IT resources. And with a 5TB single file size upload, and unlimited storage, Google Drive for Work is a must-have for corporate HR, finance, IT and more.                       

Managed Cloud Storage, Local Access

If you have a growing need for data storage and are considering moving data to the cloud, we can help. Agosto's Cloud Storage Gateway can save on local storage costs by replacing costly SAN/NAS. It also enables effective disaster recovery, and since it's a managed service, it frees up your team. Check out Agosto's CSG product for robust cloud storage availability options, without the management worries.