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Save time with spreadsheets

Sheets, Google Apps spreadsheets, have made a huge impact for the transportation companies Agosto works with. Sheets enable real-time collaboration between multiple locations and business branches across town, across the country, across North America and the globe. Sheets allow someone in HQ to securely share the latest industry required safety information, as well as local production figures and more with those out in the field. It’s an incredible time saving tool.


Many companies that Agosto works with are initially focused on replacing their email and document system. Google Docs are especially helpful for including remote workers in the easy, real-time collaboration with multiple team members in a document at once. And with Google Hangouts, the included video conferencing, team members easily incorporate immediate video meetings into their day.

Employees and management can work from any device, anywhere, in the office or on the road. We’re finding that people in the transportation industry are simply getting things done faster, saving on the stress of having to travel for meetings, and they don’t have the usual wait for email replies because they no longer have to send versions - they’re working together in a live document until it’s done. Then it’s easy to protect into a read-only state if needed so no further edits impact the finished document.

Real Results

After Google Apps for Work implementation, companies like Arrow Transportation say that team collaboration is up, IT costs are down and they’re working more efficiently and effectively.

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Arrow Transportation

Canadian bulk commodity hauler and reload operator trades catastrophic server failure for productivity advancement.