Scalable solutions.
Effective, simple collaboration. 

Utilities and energy companies often approach Agosto with a tangled mix of on-premise and cloud-based solutions, paying for costly, unnecessary licenses. With the streamlined tools available in Google Apps and Google Drive for Work, Agosto is able to help these companies transition to easy, new and effective ways to increase collaboration. Agosto also helps companies to get safety rules and reminders across to their teams, as they cut costs and increase efficiency.

There’s a better way to communicate

To keep up with the rigorous and regulated demands of their industry, utilities and energy companies must incorporate technology solutions that keep workers safe, informed, and productive. Agosto is pleased to offer our utilities and energy clients the assistance to transition completely to cloud-based productivity tools to improve communication and their bottom line.

Collaboration is key

By moving to Google Apps or Google Drive for Work, utilities and energy companies are enabling their employees to collaborate on the same planning documents and spreadsheets in real-time, with team members elsewhere in the office or at another site across the globe. Employees can access shared calendars, spreadsheets, and other documents from their mobile device, laptop or desktop.

For those organizations experiencing growth by acquiring other companies, Agosto can help IT leaders to quickly bring the entire employee population onto the same, easy to manage communications platform, reducing strains on productivity and helping teams get back to the business of innovation in energy management.

Bring cloud products to market faster, at a lower cost

 And for those technology companies that need to build their products in the cloud, Agosto's development team helps our clients by using Google Cloud Platform to greatly reduce time-to-market and development costs.

Free the IT within

Google productivity tools offer a simplified yet scalable infrastructure that is easy for IT teams to understand and implement, especially with some help on change management and training from Agosto. It’s often a struggle to balance IT support time to manage on-premise servers and the cost of upgrades. With Google Drive for Work, there are no more email quotas or file storage limits either, so there are fewer calls for IT support. Google Drive for Work also provides eDiscovery and auditing capabilities, helping IT and other teams better manage users.

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