My Business Has Nothing To Do With Trucks or Tires...

Right. We get that.

Are you curious about how to automate day-to-day operations and improve efficiency through connected devices? By leveraging the power of IoT and Machine Learning technologies, you can monitor for preventative maintenance and optimum productivity.

Sound overwhelming? We can help.

Why Did I Get a Truck In The Mail?

We sent you a truck based on one of our custom projects with Goodyear. We developed a product for Goodyear’s fleet customers to centrally analyze and monitor tire health, and predict tire failure, with location services, for every tire of fleet vehicles on the road.

This decreased their tire maintenance costs by 70% and increased fleet efficiency by 75%.

We are Agosto, the two-time winners of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Partner of the Year award for our cloud innovation with Fortune 100 and small clients alike.

Goodyear is just one example of the many ways companies can use GCP with everyday objects to enhance, streamline, and optimize business operations. 
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